Kink’s JETLAGGED DVD Premiere am 1. Oktober im Deepend. Frankfurt !

Follow the Kink team over the last 6 months as they hit spots in the states, Eastern Europe, New Zealand and Australia. „Jetlagged“ has a run time of 26 min and features close to an hour of bonus material.


  • Chris Doyle
  • Aaron Smith
  • Sean Sexton
  • Darryl Tocco
  • KC Badger
  • Tony Hamlin
  • Ben Hittle
  • Albert Mercado
  • Lil Jon
  • Tom Dillon
  • Lloyd Wright
  • Lil Dan
  • Jay Roe
  • and guest appearances by our international team and friends.

Gemeinsame Premiere am 1. Oktober um 19 Uhr im Deepend. Frankfurt.

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