Dogtown Rat Ring Cruiser Longboard im Deepend. Frankfurt !

Dogtown, womit als alles begann !

Dogtown, as a concept, has existed since the early 1970’s. It was the birthplace of progressive skateboarding, Santa Monica/Venice, California. In the celebrated documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, Venice was a forgotten slum by the sea. Out of the wreckage of Abbot Kinney’s dream town gone bad, roamed young surfers searching for outlets after the surf got blown out. They found it through an aggressive approach to skateboarding never seen before. Jim Muir, the founder of Dogtown Skateboards, was one of these kids. For nearly 30 years Dogtown Skateboards has been synonymous with hardcore skateboarding and has a hardcore loyal following.

Venice, California, circa early 1970’s, a group of kids rode hand me down clay wheel skateboards, trying to emulate the surf moves of Larry Bertlemann, Buttons and Mark Liddell. They’d speed down the block, bombing the hills and running the stop signs at the bottom with reckless abandon. This group of surf /skate rats soon came to be known as the Zephyr Team. Being poor kids in a mixed ethnic neighborhood made them grow up fast. Low income backgrounds often lead to creativity and ingenuity by necessity. As the skateboard movement of the 70’s became surf /skate and the Zephyr Team had imploded a partnership between 19 yr. old Jim Muir(Reddogg) and 21 yr. old Wes Humpston(Bulldog) came to effect.

Das Dogtown Longboard besteht aus 7 Schichten Ahornholz.

Breite : 9,375 “

Länge : 43 “

Preis : 85 €

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